Excellent Negotiation Skills !

floyd Cuda , 18 Jun 2017

The selling of my property at Cherrybrook was always going to be a challenge.


Ray, you met these challenges with professionalism and dedication to achieving the desired result.

Your punctuality was exceptional and your level of communication with me was superb. 


After the first buyer had to drop out because their financial situation was not as good as they thought

it was magical how you came up with the second buyer.


Once the cooling off period was over the race was on to vacate the property in time for settlement

You helped me to achieve this goal in more ways than I can adequately say. Particularly, it was 

such a relief to  have one of your people arrive just in time to remove the last of my goods and chattels

thus leaving the property vacant which allowed settlement to take place.


Thanks to your excellent negotiation skills settlement took place and the sale of my property was completed.


Ray, you are an excellent example of what a real estate agent should be, 

You are not just a professional in your field but a friend indeed.


Your firm charges a low commission and it is said that you get what you pay for but on this occasion

I got much more than I paid for.


I truly appreciate what you did for me and I am sure that with your work ethic you are going to have many 

extremely satisfied customers in the future.


Best wishes and thanks heaps.


Yours sincerely,

                              Floyd Cuda